About School of American Law

School of American Law (or colloquially SAL) is the special overseas program established by Educational Management Park in exclusive cooperation with Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Tech. Educational Management Park is flagship institution of School of American Law performing its endeavor in 28 countries of Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, Europe, Turkey and MENA region.

Founded in 2012, SAL aims to provide the countries of emerging economies with opportunity to achieve quality education. By allowing to attend contemporary legal studies at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Tech with significant scholarships, SAL gives unparalleled opportunities to get membership of international students’ community, US Law school alumni network, US Bar and highly qualified academics being guarantee of providing students with knowledge with latest developments in particular fields of law.

SAL’s success and growth has been spurred by the exceptional efforts of its dedicated founders; two prominent lawyers, founder partners of KMG Law Firm – Ms. Maia Meskhi and Ms. Ketevan Jeladze modeled their inspiration with American values in SAL with the meaningful dedication of Professor Richard Warner. Three founders contribute to the essential task of SAL to permanently keep SAL as leadership program for members of legal profession. SAL distinguishes itself in legal scholarship in areas of multi-semester structured program for mastering legal education.

SAL’s history is inspiring; within 8 years from the initial launching, SAL has grown to a current alumni community of over 800 students made up of company lawyers, practicing attorneys, members of judiciary and newcomers to the legal profession. Anyone can get a place in SAL who is keeping an eye into the future leading their way with new ideas and discoveries. In the countries of locations, SAL pioneered innovative educational program and transformative learning experiences designed to produce alumni who plans to make a positive impact on their home countries and global legal marketplaces.

SAL is organized around number of schools located in Greece, Central Asia, Turkey, and Caucasus having flagship institution in Tbilisi Georgia.