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Master Study in Law with 75% – 100% Scholarships in the USA


Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Tech – US based highly ranked Law School along with School of American Law (SAL) announces two interlinked programs with 75% and 100% tuition scholarships for lawyers, attorneys, advocates and last year students of Bachelor’s study in law.

The starting stage – School of American Law (SAL) Program in Athens, Greece

The starting stage - School of American Law (SAL) Program in Athens, Greece


  • Study mode during the pandemic is fully online or partially online
  • Part of the LL.M credits will be earned from home country
  • Admission without TOEFL

SAL Program Description:

  • 10 mandatory courses from September 2022 to May 2023
  • Due to the post-pandemic, students can choose:
    • Fully online all 10 courses or
    • 5 courses online in September-December and remained 5 courses in-person in February-May in Athens, Greece
  • All 10 courses will be delivered during the weekends once a month
  • All professors are from Chicago-Kent
  • Certificate will be granted by SAL and Chicago-Kent
  • TOEFL or IELTS is not required
  • One-month intensive legal English course will be offered for free to SAL admitted students who need to upgrade language skills
  • SAL Program tuition fee is defined as:
    • EUR 7 500 if student pays in one installment or
    • EUR 7 900 if student pays in four installments
  • Deadline for applications is May 25, 2022

Submit the following documentation electronically:

    • CV in English indicating name and contact details of two referees
    • Copy of diplomas or university statement for last year Bachelor students
    • Copy of Passport and ID
    • High resolution profile photo

Documentation shall be sent to the following email addresses:

Or you can fill online application form

The final stage – LL.M at Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, IL, USA

The final stage - LL.M at Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, IL, USA


  • 75% scholarship for each SAL graduate and 100% scholarship for the best graduate
  • Opportunity to combine study and work during and after the LL.M, i.e., two years
  • In-person study in Chicago, immediately after SAL completion or during the three years

LL.M Program Description:

  • After completion SAL Program, only one semester during August-December or January-May is enough to earn LL.M degree from Chicago-Kent in U.S., International and Transnational Law
  • Specialized LL.M requires two semesters – specifically, LL.M in Trial Advocacy, LL.M in International Intellectual Property Law, LL.M in Financial Service Law, LL.M in Legal Innovation & Technology
  • Offered LL.M has not any online options and students shall be in-person in Chicago to complete LL.M study
  • While studying at SAL and before departure to Chicago, SAL management and Chicago-Kent will guide you with all instructions necessary for the travel, visa documentation, housing thru the IIT housing office.
  • TOEFL or IELTS is not required for LL.M, as SAL will provide you with a TOEFL waiver
  • 75% tuition scholarship is guaranteed
  • 100% tuition scholarship will be given only to SAL graduate with final GPA 3.8
  • LL.M tuition fee for SAL graduates is defined as:
    • USD 10 000 payable in several installments, instead of regular USD 43 000
    • USD 7 250 payable in several installments for the second optional semester
  • During the LL.M study you will have full access to externships and internships in the USA
  • LL.M study in Chicago-Kent can be started immediately after SAL completion or during three academic years (Admission Deferral)
  • If you graduate two semesters at Chicago-Kent, you can work in the USA based on OPT
  • If you graduate two semesters at Chicago-Kent, you can take BAR exam in New York or any other states
  • Chicago-Kent has the world’s best location – downtown campus is in the heart of Chicago – one of the nation’s top legal and financial markets
  • Chicago-Kent has the top rankings in the following:
    • N1 in Intellectual Property Law
    • N2 in Legal Services Innovation and Technology
    • N3 Chicago-Kent’s Faculty in Chicago
    • N4 in Trial Advocacy
    • N17 in Legal Writing
  • Chicago-Kent’s graduate employment rate:
    • 66.2% right after graduation amounts
    • 90.7% within 9 months following the graduation
  • Chicago-Kent’s Graduate Bar Passage Rate:
    • First-time pass rate – 73.94% across all jurisdictions
    • Ultimate pass rate – 90.82 % within two years of LL.M graduation

Ask questions to our official representatives
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+995 577 77 40 30
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Or submit your questions and get detailed orientation through email addresses:

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