School of American Law Faculty 

SAL faculty members, who teach in Chicago-Kent’s different law degree programs, are recognized professionals in global legal markets, influencing legal, social and political discourse worldwide. SAL professors combine research-based knowledge and current law practice, covering a wide range of legal aspects that reflects the most recent challenges facing global legal and business industries and different jurisdictions. 

SAL professors provide invaluable insight into legal teaching. SAL program is designed to promote deeper learning and engagement. Therefore, SAL Professors are available after their classes to discuss with students and engage them in the innovative learning. SAL teaching methodology accelerate collaboration among peers from around the globe and across various industries and professional backgrounds. SAL program research-based curriculum, course materials and customized approach inspire dynamic engagement of students and high-impact results. 

SAL comprises a distinguished and accessible group of scholars, teachers and practitioners from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Chicago-Kent full-time faculty and adjunct faculty provide the finest in traditional legal education and practical skills training.

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