School of American Law (SAL)

Established in 2012, School of American Law (SAL) represents and cooperates with one of the leading law schools in the U.S.A - IIT, Chicago-Kent College of Law to deliver high quality legal education covering Caucasus, Balkans, Mediterranean countries and Turkey with its teaching places in Athens, Tbilisi, and Baku.
SAL supports the mission to expand contemporary education, promote the idea of the globalization of law, and provide equal access to legal education for the emerging market countries.
SAL provides high quality legal education with significant tuition scholarships followed by Chicago-Kent’s LL.M. Unparalleled opportunities offered by SAL connects international students with US law schools’ alumni, legal industry, Bar, and highly qualified academics who provide information on the latest developments in their fields.

For SAL operation Chicago-Kent has the exclusive partner in Caucasus, Balkans, Mediterranean countries and Turkey - Educational Management Park LLC - EduPark and the official representatives – Ms. Maia Meskhi  and Ms. Ketevan Jeladze.

To help SAL students in mastering language skills before LL.M study, EduPark introduced Legal English Academy in exclusive cooperation with world leader in legal English - TransLegal UK which, as a well-known UK-Swedish brand with the reputation throughout the world for excellence in Legal English, works hand in hand with Cambridge University Press and Boston University School of Law. 

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