SAL Board of Founders

Board of Founders (SAL Board)
is the corporate body of the School. It sets policy for the institution, and serves as the institution’s legal owner and final authority. SIL Board holds the institution’s resources in trust and is responsible for their efficient and effective use. SIL Board serves as the primary advisory body to the School, deals with issues of major policy as they may arise from time to time, discusses the School tolerance for risk with management.

As the School’s fiduciary, SAL Board is responsible for School sustainability, overseeing and aligning its strategic direction, educational policy, finances and operations with the mission of the School. Through its members, the board supervises the SAL and EMP LLC – the company donating within SIL’s endowment fund.  

SAL Board members are responsible for educating legal community by creating new knowledge tools and opportunities. SAL Board members are the keepers of the mission of SAL: educating qualified individuals from all walks of life to become the leaders of the local national and international legal community. SAL Board members must pay particular close attention to the mission and the obligations to the society that are unique to the academic enterprise. SAL Board is the overall fiduciaries for the School as such it is responsible for, among other things, creating policy, setting mission and purpose, strategic planning, and relating school to legal industry and legal community to school, as well as engaging the School Alumni and students communities.

SAL Board retains ultimate supervisory body for all SAL locations.

SAL Board is composed of great individuals that have come together to make the School the best opportunity for emerging market countries lawyers. These leaders help to keep the School apprised of and responsive to the current state of the legal profession and the concerns and needs of legal community.


SAL Board 

  1. Richard Warner, Head of SAL Worldwide;
  2. Ketevan Jeladze, SAL Board Co-chair, Regional Director, SAL Caucasus, Mediterranean, Balkans, Central Asia & Turkey;
  3. Maia Meskhi, SAL Board Co-chair, CEO, SAL Caucasus, Mediterranean, Balkans, Central Asia & Turkey;
  4. Christina Sarakanidi, In-Country Director, SAL for Mediterranean & Balkans;
  5. KMG Law Firm, voting member;
  6. Educational Management Park LLC, voting member.
Richard Warner
Head of SAL WorldwideRichard Warner
Faculty Director, Professor of Chicago-Kent
Ketevan Jeladze
SAL Regional DirectorKetevan Jeladze
SAL in Caucasus, Mediterranean, Balkans, Central Asia & Turkey
Maia Meskhi
SAL CEOMaia Meskhi
SAL in Caucasus, Mediterranean, Balkans, Central Asia & Turkey
Christin Sarakanidi
In-Country DirectorChristin Sarakanidi
SAL in Greece, Mediterranean and Balkan ch.sarakanidi
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