LL.M Programs

LL.M in U.S., International and Transnational Law

The LL.M. Program in U.S., International & Transnational Law (USTL) is a one-semester or one-year, full-time Program for international lawyers and law students who wish to gain a broader understanding of the American legal system and international legal issues. The Program offers flexibility in the choice of law courses as well as the opportunity to conduct independent research and writing.

USTL students must take:

  • 1 or 2 semesters in Chicago
  • May start in fall or spring
  • One of the following: (1) Comparative Law; (2) International Business Transactions; (3) International Intellectual Property; or (4) other 3 credit course with comparative law element approved by Dean Weber
  • Intro to American Legal System (IALS)
  • Fulfillment of writing requirement: Legal Writing IV for Int. Students or Seminar – note any Independent Research requires a professor to supervise and approval by Dean Weber
  • Professional Responsibility: Needed for bar; not required for LL.M. degree or exchange students


LL.M in Trial Advocacy

The LL.M. Program in Trial Advocacy offers a unique opportunity to international lawyers and students interested in developing their oral and written advocacy skills at one of the premier trial advocacy programs in the United States. Chicago-Kent ranked in the top 10 nationally for the past 3 years in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Law School Trial Advocacy specialty rankings. The Program focuses on persuasive and effective courtroom litigation skills and advocacy, critical thinking, case analysis, ethics, evidentiary principles, and procedural aspects of a constitutionally based system of law.

Trial Ad students must take:

  • 24 total credit hours; Requires two semesters in Chicago
  • Starts in fall only
  • First Semester Required Courses: (1) Trial Ad I for LL.M.; (2) Evidence; and (3) Ethics and Advocacy
  • Second Semester Required Courses: (1) Trial Ad II for LL.M.; (2) Litigation Technology; and (3) Externship
  • The externship is pass/fail for 5 total credit hours at a litigation-based government agency or law firm
  • Intro to American Legal System (IALS)


LL.M in Global Business and Financial Service Law

The LL.M. Program in Global Business and Financial Law (GBFL) offers students an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the legal issues and solutions arising in an increasingly complex global business environment, and to deepen their knowledge of particular business and financial law topics of interest and enhance their professional skills. The LL.M. Program in Global Business and Financial Law provides a flexible curriculum and educates legal professionals to be effective in this rapidly changing environment by giving students the opportunity to explore a wide array of specific business and financial subjects according to their career interests

GBFL students must take:

  • 24 total credit hours (2 semesters in Chicago
  • Starts in fall only
  • 12 credit hours in business law courses
  • MUST take Business Organizations (4 credits); plus another 8 credits in other business law courses (e.g. Securities Regulation, Hedge Funds, Banking Law, Commercial Law, etc.)
  • Intro to American Legal System (IALS)
  • May take Legal Writing IV


LL.M in Intellectual Property Law

Chicago-Kent offers a LL.M. in International Intellectual Property Law, the first such degree to be offered by a U.S. law school. With this Program, international attorneys holding first degrees in law can specialize in one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing legal fields. The Program requires a graduate seminar with thesis and intensive study of a range of courses dealing with both intellectual property and international law topics

IP students must take:

  • 24 total credit hours (19 of IIP specific courses required)
  • 2 semesters in Chicago
  • Starts in fall only
  • Legal Writing IV for LL.M.
  • Must take International Intellectual Property or International Patent Law
  • Intro to American Legal System (IALS)


LL.M in Legal Innovation and Technology

The LL.M. Program in Legal Innovation & Technology provides a course of study with an emphasis on how emerging technologies, big data, and innovation in the legal industry enhance and impact the practice of law and the delivery of legal services. Courses in the LL.M. Program offer international law students and lawyers an opportunity to explore topics such as legal analytics, machine learning, project management, technology-aided access to justice, legal ethics, and cryptocurrency. Students have the opportunity to learn firsthand from the nation’s leading academic experts in this area and leading professionals who are currently leveraging technology and more efficient processes throughout the legal industry

LEIT students must take:

  • 24 total credit hours (2 semesters in Chicago)
  • Starts in spring and fall
  • Must take Legal Analytics 1; Legal Project Management; Justice & Tech Practicum 1; Lawyers as Social Innovators; E- Discovery; Blockchain; or Cryptocurrency
  • Intro to American Legal System (IALS)