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Master Study in Law with 75% – 100% Scholarships in the USA


Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Tech – US based highly ranked Law School along with School of American Law (SAL) announces two interlinked programs with 75% and 100% tuition scholarships for lawyers, attorneys, advocates and last year students of Bachelor’s study in law.

The starting stage – School of American Law (SAL) Program in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The starting stage - School of American Law (SAL) Program in Almaty, Kazakhstan


  • Study mode during the pandemic is fully online or partially online
  • Part of the LL.M credits will be earned from home country
  • Admission without TOEFL

SAL Program Description:

  • 10 mandatory courses from September 2022 to May 2023
  • Due to the post-pandemic, students can choose:
    • Fully online all 10 courses or
    • 5 courses online in September-December and remained 5 courses in-person in February-May in Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • All 10 courses will be delivered during the weekends once a month
  • All professors are from Chicago-Kent
  • Certificate will be granted by SAL and Chicago-Kent
  • TOEFL or IELTS is not required
  • One-month intensive legal English course will be offered for free to SAL admitted students who need to upgrade language skills
  • The admission committee grants scholarships for SAL up to 1000-1500 USD based on the applicant’s interview performance, academic merits, professional achievements, legal community impact, and other professional competencies.


SAL Program Beneficial Tuition Fee



Deadline for applications is July 25, 2022

Submit the following documentation electronically:

    • CV in English indicating name and contact details of two referees
    • Copy of diplomas or university statement for last year Bachelor students
    • Copy of Passport and ID
    • High resolution profile photo

Documentation shall be sent to the following email addresses:

Or you can fill online application form

The final stage – LL.M at Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, IL, USA

The final stage - LL.M at Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, IL, USA


  • 75% scholarship for each SAL graduate and 100% scholarship for the best graduate
  • Opportunity to combine study and work during and after the LL.M, i.e., two years
  • In-person study in Chicago, immediately after SAL completion or during the three years

LL.M Program Description:

  • After completion SAL Program, only one semester during August-December or January-May is enough to earn LL.M degree from Chicago-Kent in U.S., International and Transnational Law
  • Specialized LL.M requires two semesters – specifically, LL.M in Trial Advocacy, LL.M in International Intellectual Property Law, LL.M in Financial Service Law, LL.M in Legal Innovation & Technology
  • Offered LL.M has not any online options and students shall be in-person in Chicago to complete LL.M study
  • While studying at SAL and before departure to Chicago, SAL management and Chicago-Kent will guide you with all instructions necessary for the travel, visa documentation, housing thru the IIT housing office
  • TOEFL or IELTS is not required for LL.M, as SAL will provide you with a TOEFL waiver
  • 75% tuition scholarship is guaranteed
  • 100% tuition scholarship will be given only to SAL graduate with final GPA 3.8
  • LL.M tuition fee for SAL graduates is defined as:
    • USD 10 000 payable in several installments, instead of regular USD 43 000
    • USD 7 250 payable in several installments for the second optional semester
  • During the LL.M study you will have full access to externships and internships in the USA
  • LL.M study in Chicago-Kent can be started immediately after SAL completion or during three academic years (Admission Deferral)
  • If you graduate two semesters at Chicago-Kent, you can work in the USA based on OPT
  • If you graduate two semesters at Chicago-Kent, you can take BAR exam in New York or any other states
  • Chicago-Kent has the world’s best location – downtown campus is in the heart of Chicago – one of the nation’s top legal and financial markets
  • Chicago-Kent has the top rankings in the following:
    • N1 in Intellectual Property Law
    • N2 in Legal Services Innovation and Technology
    • N3 Chicago-Kent’s Faculty in Chicago
    • N4 in Trial Advocacy
    • N17 in Legal Writing
  • Chicago-Kent’s graduate employment rate:
    • 66.2% right after graduation amounts
    • 90.7% within 9 months following the graduation
  • Chicago-Kent’s Graduate Bar Passage Rate:
    • First-time pass rate – 73.94% across all jurisdictions
    • Ultimate pass rate – 90.82 % within two years of LL.M graduation

Ask questions to our official representatives
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+995 577 77 40 30
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Or submit your questions and get detailed orientation through email addresses:

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